Tips for Choosing the Right School for Your Child.

by Chris Bohr 05/19/2019

The school has a significant role to play in the life of a child so, be careful when choosing. It is the most critical aspect of a person's life. All they become as an adult takes its roots in the schools they've attended. Therefore, finding the ideal school for your kids can make a massive difference in their academic performance as well as their overall success in life. 

How to choose a school for your child:

Do your research

The first step to take when selecting the right school for your child is to do a thorough investigation. The study will enable you to filter out the ones that are below standard. You need to know what works best for your child, the kind of environment that your child enjoys, and whether or not your child needs extra attention. The solution to these questions will indicate the type of school to choose for your child.


As part of your research, you should also consider the fees/affordability of the school. You should choose a school that you can easily afford the cost without stretching your budget.

Know the core values of the school

Meet the management of the school to have an idea of their approach to schooling. 

Does the school meet your child's need? 

Another criterion to consider is their approach to teaching and learning. You must be sure that the school's strategy will be of great benefit to your child. For example, does the school have adequate support for a child that is a slow learner? How does the school foster growth, team building, and confidence?Consider the infrastructure Do they have classrooms that are well structured, tidy and conducive for learning? Do they have a playground of appropriate size for sporting events?

School curriculum 

You should also consider the school curriculum carefully because it determines what the teachers instruct your kids.

Pay the school a visit

The brochures and websites give you a good idea of the school but cannot be comparable to an actual visit. Book an appointment; check out the infrastructures like playground, classrooms, and restrooms among others. 

Academic performance

You should compare the school average exam's score with other schools, and this will give you an idea about their academic performance. A good record of ranks shows that the school is trying its best in the areas of sound and quality coaching in the STEM (Science Technology Mathematics and Engineering).

Teachers and the staff

When you visit the school, try to ask a question regarding the quality of the teachers and their qualifications.

Interview the students and parents for referrals

While the staff and the management may try to protect the interest of the school, the students and parents will give you honest information about the school, so don’t be shy to ask bold questions about their experiences.

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